Asheville Baptist Institute

1 Timothy 1:12

Meet the Faculty

The team at Asheville Baptist Institute is experienced, skilled, but most of all, able to rightly divide the KJV 1611. With years of experience teaching and preaching, the staff of ABI have a great burden to teach right division, Baptist distinctives and practical application of ministry!

Randy Keener


Randy Keener is a Western North Carolina native. He pursued the call to preach from a young age, and continually seeks to fulfill that calling. In over 25 years of preaching, Randy has served in a broad range of ministries, including, pastor, evangelist, Sunday-school teacher, bus worker, nursing home ministries, etc. ABI has given him an outlet to be able to “teach others also.”

Andrew Sluder


Andrew Sluder has been preaching for 18 years and has pastored for 11 years. He is the Pastor and Founder of Bible Baptist Church in Asheville, NC. He is used in conferences and revivals both domestically and internationally. He is known for his strong KJB stance, Dispensationalism and emphasis on soulwinning/missions.

Darren Penland


Darren Penland is the Pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Burnsville, North Carolina. Brother Darren has been an avid reader and student of the scripture from a young age. He has always had a great enthusiasm for teaching others the King James Bible. Brother Darren has served in many different types of ministry since he was licensed to preach at the age of 18.

Caleb Hickam


Caleb Hickam was born again at 11 years old under the preaching of Evangelist Mark McGaughey. After being called to preach a few years later, he learned to preach while serving in his local church. In his late twenties, he felt the Lord calling him into evangelism. Since that time, Caleb has preached the gospel in multiple states and six countries. Caleb earned his bachelor's degree at Asheville Baptist Institute in Asheville, NC, as part of the first graduating class. He is a passionate teacher of the word of God and issues related to church history. When Caleb is not traveling for evangelism, he continues to serve in his home church, Charity Baptist Tabernacle, in Amarillo TX.

And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also. ~ 2 Timothy 2:2